"Will's WAG Wishes" will grant "WAG" wishes for children and families, at the end of or nearing the end of, childhood cancer treatment. The goal of Will's WAG Wishes is to honor the memory of my precious, brave, Will, who battled stage IV neuroblastoma and treatment related AML for 33 months, before entering his heavenly home with Jesus and his Pop on July 16, 2013, at the age of 5. Every day in the United States, 46 children are diagnosed with cancer. One out of every five of these children will not survive. The emotional damage of this disease is overwhelming to children and their families.

Will was the recipient of so many wonderful wish granting organizations during his treatment. His wishes included a Disney Cruise, Disneyworld trips, a beach trip, and so many more. These wishes were absolutely necessary and encouraged Will and his family to keep going! Will's WAG Wishes was inspired by Will's love for animals and the love and devotion that his boxer, Shelby, showed him during his entire cancer journey. Shelby visited Will at Scottish Rite for his hospital admissions and was a devoted companion who comforted him during scary procedures like dressing changes, finger pricks, and immune system boosting shots. Will also loved the Golden Retriever Canine Companions that visited the hospital and wanted one of his very own. He loved watching his collection of Buddies dvd's: Santa Buddies, Snow Buddies, Spooky Buddies, Santa Paws. After Will died, our house was just out of balance, so I found a golden retriever to foster. His name is Axe Mann and he has been a comforting companion to all, including Shelby, on our grief journey.‚Äč