Drew and Buddy

Drew was 6 years old and sent via ambulance to Scottish Rite from school on January 21st of 2016. We thought he was having a really bad asthma attack. A couple of hours later, we were told he had a tumor the size of  an adult's fist. A few hours later we were transported to Egleston and diagnosed with Stage IV T-Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. Within 24 hours they had chemo flowing through his body.  He is on a two year chemo treatment plan and has faced many difficulties in just the first few months. He had a clot, was treated for rhinovirus in isolation, and had C. diff.  His last round of chemo left his body so neutropenic, that he got 4 infections and a virus. He is currently intubated and sedated. We are waiting for his little body to heal and rest. He continues to get a little better day by day. While in the hospital for inpatient stays and chemo treatments, Drew has fallen in love with the therapy dogs. They are all golden retrievers and we told him once he gets further along in treatment, we would get him a dog. My husband and I instantly wished we had gotten him a dog when we almost lost him and he was intubated. He has a long path laid out  in front of him, however we believe that miracles from God and his medical team will continue to heal him.