Korben and Eva

Meet Korben Meloy. Korben is from Oklahoma and will be the recipient of our 2nd WAG wish.  Korben’s wish is a French Bulldog and she will be ready for her new home in 6 weeks! Will’s WAG Wishes wants to make this wish come true for Korben.

Korben was a normal 5 year old boy who loved playing sports. One day, at a soccer game, he got hit really hard in the chest.  So hard that it knocked the the breath out of him and knocked him to the ground. But, after 10 minutes, he appeared to be ok and was playing. Later that day, he started complaining of stomach pains. He was restless in bed that night, holding his chest screaming.  After a trip to the ER, a CT confirmed a mass in Korben’s chest. Korben was taken to OU Medical Center in Oklahoma City, where he had a bilateral bone marrow biopsy, MIBG scan, CT scan, and MRI. He also had a biopsy of his tumor taken.  Results confirmed stage 2 neuroblastoma. Korben had a port placed and started chemo immediately. Korben completed 6 rounds of chemo and had a tumor resection.

Luckily, Korben’s cancer was discovered early, by chance. This is not common with neuroblastoma patients. It’s usually not discovered until after the cancer has spread and symptoms are apparent. Recent scans for Korben confirmed that his cancer has not spread. The scans show that 90% of the tumor was removed and there is still 10% left in his thoracic spine that cannot be removed safely. According to the protocol for the type of cancer and his staging, the remaining 10% will change on its own. Korben is done with treatment and will be monitored monthly and scan every 3 months. The monitoring will continue for 5 years, according to Korben’s mother.